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Our Story

The story began in 2013 when brothers Anthony and Ian Whitington decided to make a project of 'Fixing' their dad's ill health. Being documentary filmmakers they wanted to film the whole journey and so launched a crowd funding campaign to make this happen. In 2014 they received support from the general public, including one vital and significant donation of £24,000 from the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust in Kent. Without the early kindness of these people who cared about Fixing Dad and its early potential to inspire others, Fixing Dad may never have got off the ground.

In beginning their project the brothers committed to sticking with their Dad, Geoff, and agreed that anything they asked Dad to do, they would also be prepared to do. This included regimes for fitness, nutrition and mindset. It involved constant blood sugar monitoring, stress reduction practices, time commitment and dedication. As the film took shape, Geoff and the brothers engaged the public, visiting Number 10 Downing Street and Holyrood, and they received regular invitations to speak across the UK and Europe, at relevant parliamentary meetings and conferences to deliver keynote talks on what's involved in a family 'fixing project' and how these projects present an inspiring solution for struggling health systems globally.

Over the course of the next 12 months, not only did Geoff reverse his type 2 diabetes and come off his medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both Anthony and Ian also lost weight, became fitter, and vastly improved their own health along the way. More importantly, the whole family grew much closer. Relationships improved and time together was prioritised in a way that it hadn't been before.

The film aired to much acclaim on the BBC in 2016, followed by renewed press interest in the film's capacity to inspire in 2017 and again in 2018. More than 1.7 million people have now seen the original Fixing Dad film and thousands of people contact our team every month, where they've been inspired to help a friend or family member with type 2 diabetes or another chronic health condition.

For many, Fixing Dad was just a catalyst for their own family fixing project - a catalyst that fixed not only the intended friend or family member, but which also had hugely positive consequences - often unintended - of fixing a whole family and bringing everyone closer together. And what could be more positive than that?

So Fixing Dad was not just a case of 'Fixing Dad' - It was really a case of 'Fixing Us' - all of us! So let's give the world more fixing projects, and let's do it now.

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