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Virtual Wellness Forums

Our Fixing Us Virtual Wellness and Patient-Engagement Forums were created as a free service to help inspire people to engage with their health or the health of someone they care about. Our goal is to enable inspiration without cost, so that people can engage with their health and tackle challenges that critical conditions present our populations. Mental health issues related to isolation and loneliness are on the increase in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, and so these forums are particularly important today.

Each Zoom-based video Forum will involve up to 6 patients and will last for one hour. We have set the limit at 6 participants so that forums remain intimate and so that everyone has an opportunity to engage. Participants are not restricted from taking part in multiple Forums. We recognise that some people may wish to attend regularly whilst others may wish to attend once or dip-in from time-to-time. The video calls are free to attend and participants need to apply to join by completing the registration form. We will then contact you with an invitation for participation when our limited places become available.

Our Forums are for patients to share their personal journeys and experiences only and feature a moderator to help you get the most out of them. They are not for doctors, medical practitioners or healthcare professionals and are not to be used for selling or marketing any products, services or regimes or for the provision of medical advice.

These Forums are designed to help people and so we have set out our Conduct Guidelines & Tips For Participants with Terms & Conditions that need to be read and accepted by all participants prior to signing up and participating in any Forums.

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