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Fixing Us Virtual Engagement Forums

Conduct Guidelines & Tips

Fixing Us Patient Engagement and Wellbeing Forums provide an opportunity for participants to engage with other people with similar conditions and participate in discussions about their health that can hopefully help participants to inspire, or be inspired, to engage with one’s health. We keep the numbers of participants to just 5 or 6 people so everyone has an opportunity to talk and share.


We have Terms & Conditions that you need to agree to before participating but we have also prepared some Conduct Guidelines & Tips for participants.


1. Participants should not give medical advice or provide any diagnosis to other participants.


2. Remember that people are participating because they want to help people, or to be helped by people, to inspired to engage with their health. Be helpful, constructive, patient, kind and don’t get drawn into any conflicts even if you strongly disagree with others’ opinions.


3. Please position yourself so that your image is clear for the other participants to see, avoid wearing branded (or offensive) clothing for Forums and ensure that you conduct your call in a private area where there are no inappropriate images, televisions or people in the background.


4. We request participants wear headphones during Forums to improve quality and privacy.


5. Forums are invitation-only for those who apply to participate and meeting link are for the invitee’s private use only and invitees are not permitted to share it with or invite others.


6. You must use your real name when entering the meeting so that we can identify you correctly.


7. Sometimes, it is difficult to get things moving, to ensure subject-matter is always relevant or to help keep the conversation going. We have prepared a few questions that you can use to help get the ball rolling:

(i)       Tell the others a little bit about yourself and any challenges with your health.

(ii)     How is your health impacting your life, your work or the people around you?

(ii)     What would you like to take away from this forum?

(iii)    What are your longer-term goals (in terms of your health and more generally)

(iv)    What do you consider to be your greatest barriers to success with this?


8. Our moderator may get involved if they think you need some help, if things are going a bit off-track or if rules are not being adhered to.


9. Participants should not provide personal contact information to other participants during the forums, and are not permitted to record the forums under any circumstances.


10. Any complaints relating to the conduct of other participants should be provided to the moderator either during or after forums.


11. The forums are designed to help participants to share information about each other’s health and to inspire, or be inspired, to engage with one’s health. You cannot use the forums to sell any services or products, give medical advice, do anything illegal or share any advertising, promotions or any other form of commercial solicitation.


12. Any doctors, medical practitioners or healthcare professionals need prior written consent from Fixing Dad Ltd and, if permitted, other participants will need to be notified beforehand and given an opportunity to decide whether they still want to participate.

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