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Authentic patient journeys are revolutionising global healthcare innovation systems

Yves' Story Film Stills - Yves stressed, Yves planning on a whiteboard, Yves with daughter after playing tennis
Yves' Story Film Stills - Patient Engagement Journey

Authentic video content that brings to life patient journeys can play a significant role in supporting and influencing the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry's innovation systems and supply chain.

Bringing a story to life, a patient journey can generate diverse and dynamic content, featuring patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals (HCPs), opinion leaders and/or policymakers and company representatives when devising content designed to focus on various internal perspectives. The journey can be a vessel for collaboration and involvement, whilst the resulting content is often a powerful catalyst for the many stages within healthcare innovation and supply chain systems.

Patient journey content can help stakeholders to better understand the patient journey, to validate and support patient pathways, and to identify opportunities for improvement, as well as providing a visual and emotional representation of the patient experience through the healthcare system, from the emergence of symptoms and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care.

By capturing the patient's perspective and authentic experiences, this content can help stakeholders across the supply chain - including healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and policymakers - to gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare system. This understanding can help to identify systemic gaps that can be addressed through innovation and collaboration.

6 fundamental pillars of engagement - Jeopardy, Support, Goals, Barriers, Purpose Advocacy.
6 fundamental pillars of engagement

In terms of improving collaboration and stakeholder engagement, authentic patient journey videos can help to bring stakeholders together around a shared goal of improving patient outcomes. This can also create an ancillary focal point which draws attention away from ROI and KPIs. Whilst of course this data is valuable, many stakeholders (or gatekeepers for complementary assets) can resist close association with such data, instead identifying more powerfully with the patient story.

This is not to say that patient journeys content cannot directly drive ROI and KPIs, with data relating to engagement suggesting that authentic content that resonates will increase adoption, retention and continued effective engagement – all of which help improve diffusion of innovation and its speed.

This content, which can be delivered in video or other digital and conventional forms, can also help to build empathy and understanding among stakeholders, and encourage them to work together to find solutions, as well as emboldening local and regional internal and external parties with enhanced collaboration from stage-to-stage, thereby reducing duplication of effort and increasing propensity for adoption, development and deployment through the process.

At FIXING US we have supported the use of patient journeys by global market teams to achieve greater adoption from colleagues that manage local markets via communications and events. By providing an emotionally resonating patient experience, these videos help to break down silos between parts of the organization and encourage collaboration across teams and regions.

Moreover, recognizing the role of stakeholders who communicate using predominantly non-commercial frameworks, we have learned that these patient journeys are not only a valuable support for efficacy and financial viability. Patient journeys can also be delivered as ethnography research, so that an unbiased picture can be created to help HCPs, policymakers (and some medical directors) to align and help drive processes whilst remaining within a corresponding academic, and less commercial, framework.

This, in turn, can help to embolden colleagues and a greater variety of key stakeholders from global and local markets, who know their local health systems are unique and ordinarily require bespoke approaches at a fundamental level, to work together to drive innovation and deployment and increase propensity for greater effectiveness and momentum across the different stages of the healthcare planning stages.

We’re passionate about patient journeys and have designed a proposition that supports its diffusion across innovation systems. If you want to learn about patient journey content and events can work for your organization and its systems and processes, or if you just want to discuss your perspectives and experiences with us, we’d love to hear from you.


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