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Introducing Our Expanded Health Content and Studio Services

FIXING US is the world’s leading producer of authentic health-related content but did you know that we now also offer a expanded range of content services?

We are proud to announce that FIXING US is now offering Content & Studio Services to help become that efficient and convenient partner for all our clients’ content needs.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner for all your health-related content needs, FIXING US is here for you. We are committed to delivering the highest quality content for all of your omnichannel needs using the most innovative and sustainable techniques in ways that engage your customers, patients and stakeholders like never before.

Our team of content and studio specialists leverage decades of experience across health-related and other industries to bring together cutting-edge, innovative techniques and expertise for a range of services that include: 

  • Green Screen content 

  • Corporate and commercial video production 

  • Animation services

  • VR and immersive content

  • Testimonials

  • Live streaming - Studio or event based

  • Podcasts and webinars


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