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See how FIXING US is evolving with its clients

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Welcome to the inaugural FIXING US newsletter. In this edition, we’d like to show how far we have evolved since the BBC first broadcast Fixing Dad back in 2016 and how we are now helping clients around the world to be leaders in health-engagement across hundreds of health arenas.

FIXING US is now a leading international health-engagement organization that works with brands to create some of the world’s most inspiring and authentic health content and power the most engaging tech solutions, stakeholder collaborations and events.

Television shows that inspire millions.

From Fixing Dad and The Fixing Challenge on the BBC to FIXING US on NBC, FIXING US TV shows are weekly real-life health journeys that inspire millions to take control of their health and wellbeing, and live better, happier, healthier lives.

We give brands the chance to help shape, sponsor and integrate into inspiring and influential journeys and there are currently some great sponsorship opportunities to help reach tens of millions of viewers.


Leaders in creating authentic content for patients, professionals, policymakers and healthcare system stakeholders.

At FIXING US we create patient-centric content for health systems. We help clients to improve outcomes by supporting patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, payors and policymakers.

Our work encompasses all things health-related, from chronic conditions to acute hospital treatment, rare disease, women’s and men’s health, employee wellness, fitness, nutrition and med-tech as well as specialist arenas such as woundcare, immunology, emergency care and cosmetic treatment.

​Bringing diverse cultures together

for World Diabetes Day

Raising awareness of

patient-centric solutions

Unprecedented stakeholder engagement

An authentic voice for the unheard

Creating stakeholder perspectives that move people

Supporting remote treatment during the pandemic


Unique tech solutions that support effective engagement.



Local and international content from across the world.

We’re experts in local and multicultural content that spans and resonates with diverse markets and health systems. FIXING US has now delivered content from Europe to North America, South America, Africa and Asia.


Helping to power engagement for events, conferences and webinars.


A trusted partner for leading organisations and brands.


And now we are proud to announce the FIXING US book.

We’re proud to announce the international release of our new book, FIXING US - a guide to some simple steps we can take to embark on a meaningful health journey.

You can buy the book from Amazon or, if you’d like a free copy of FIXING US, just get in touch and we will happily have one sent over to you, on us!


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