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The great blood sugar battle:

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Is stress REALLY to blame for John’s out-of-control diabetes, or is he simply in denial about his diet?

The Mail +

Published on May 31, 2021

Like millions of people, father-of-three John Neary is middle-aged, overweight and battling type 2 diabetes. Facing loss of sight, kidney problems and an early grave, he is forced to confront his condition head on. In the first episode of an unmissable three-part series exclusive to Mail+, we follow his searingly honest and moving journey from the doctor’s terrifying warning, his family’s reaction and his mission to get his blood sugar under control. Like many people, John struggles with what he eats, confessing he has both a sweet – and savoury – tooth, and a divine love of carbs. He also admits to hiding chocolate wrappers in the bin so his family doesn't see them – something that as a grown man, he concedes is highly embarrassing. However, what John starts to notice as he embarks on his road to better health is the very real difference diet and exercise make to his blood sugar. Simple swaps such as cutting potatoes and pasta from dinner lead to often significantly lower readings, as do cycling and walking. With the help of his family, John realises he has to shape up if he’s to lead the long and healthy life he so badly wants.


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